A Guide To Choose Earrings For You Special Day

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Weddings are a never-ending love affair in India. Be it winter season, summer season or monsoon season marriages never stop in this country. The significance of wedding in an Indian woman’s life cannot be described. It is a day she looks forward to for her entire life. She wants every detail to be perfect. Jewelleries are a special part of her trousseau. Jewelleries carry get importance in a traditional India wedding. Original jewelleries are too heavy and gets pretty uncomfortable for the bride to carry throughout the entire day. In order to be comfortable and save time most brides prefer to wear and shop artificial jewellery online.

One important part of a bride’s jewellery trousseau is her earrings. Though they carry no traditional meaning but they form a nice part of her attire. Earrings can add a lot of glamour to the entire outfit. They can compliment the other jewelleries and accesories. The right pair of earrings can add the perfect finishing touch to the entire outfit. Traditionally wedding outfits and jewelleries are supposed to heavy and gorgeous. The bride’s attire should stand out the most in her marriage ceremony. Since, this is her special day she wants to look beautiful and elegant like a queen. You can get your perfect pair of earrings buy following this simple tips.

How to choose the right bridal earring:

  • •It should compliment your outfit’s color: While choosing a pair of earrings, it is important to keep the exact color of your outfit in mind. Buy a pair which goes with the attire beautifully and enhances the style quotient.


  • Opposite Attracts: This is the law of the universe. Opposite attracts always. For example, never wear bold lipstick with heavy eye makeup and vice versa. Similarly, if you are wearing heavy necklaces and mang tikas go for earrings that are not over the top. You can find light earrings like jhumkas online.


  • Shape of your face: Go for a pair which compliments the shape of your face. It will compliment your entire look even more. For example, if you have an oval shaped face then go for triagular shaped earrings. Consult a professional stylist to look the best.


  • Comfort is the Key: Remember, your wedding day will be long and tiring. So, it is your duty to choose something light and comfortable. That doesn’t mean you simply settle for studs or simple earrings. Your earrings should be visible and elegant which will compliment your entire bridal attire.


These are some basic tips which will help you pick the right earring for your wedding and will deck you up like a queen. Choose the best bridal earrings from quality fashion at an affordable price. They deliver good quality products right at your doorstep.

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