How To Choose Your Artificial Earrings According to Your Hair Style?

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Jewellery can be a great fashion statement if it is styled in the right way. They can glam up any outfit. If you are running out of time after work to get ready for a function just add a pair of gorgeous earrings to your casual outfit. This will enhance your whole look. Earrings add a lot of glamour to our outfit. The thing which increases the grace of a woman’s outfit is pairing it up with the right accesories. Due to our tight schedule, it is not possible to buy jewelleries offline everytime. It is also not easy to get up and put layers of jewelries everyday. This is why we need the right pair of earrings. To save time the easy option is to buy artificial earringonline. But, do you know if we choose earrings according to our hairstyle it will flatter our outfits even more?

Well, here’s a Guide to Choosing Earrings According to some Basic Hairstyles :-

  • 1. Open Hairstyle: If you are late and you just decide to let your hair down, then the best type of earrings is a pair of studs or tops. Studs or tops stand out the most with open hair. Choose something cute like a pair of butterfly tops that comes with the necklace set.
  • 2. Ponytail: If you are sporting a high ponytail then choose a pair of dangling earrings. The one which comes with american diamonds and a sleek design, looks extremely gorgeous with ponytails. You can choose any kind like free falling danglers, straight chains, etc.
  • 3. Messy Buns: Messy buns are often a first choice for women since it helps us avoid the heat and looks cute at the same time. It is also easy and quick to do hairstyle. For such messy buns drop down earrings or danglers look extremely sophisticated. Choose a pair of drop down star earrings and get going.
  • 4. Short Hair: Short hair is the new hair trend nowadays. Not to mention, it is extremely comfortable and looks super chic too. For short hair, wear a pair of vintage style heavy goldplated antique earrings and stand out in a crowd. It will look extremely gorgeous.
  • 5. Braids: Braids are the most easy hairstyle to choose earrings. Whether it is a pair of studs, tops, danglers, drop down, stone earrings, etc everything goes with braids. Choose a pair according to the occasion and time.


These are some earrings ideas for few basic hairstyles. If you are confused about how to do your hair, just follow the guide and wear a lovely pair of earrings. You can find all of these at Quality Fashion- India’s one stop hub to shop artificial jewelry.

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