Tips To Choose The Right Kind Of Necklace For The Occasion

Artificial Jewellery Necklace Sets

Necklaces remain an eternal favorite. Women now would rather opt for Artificial Jewellery Necklace Sets than traditional gold ones. Here are some necklace tips.

In a room full of women during a wedding there are two things that stand out their dresses and their necklaces. Each necklace is not just an accessory worn with the dress but also tells about the personality of the wearer. Just by looking at the necklace set one can tell a lot of things about the person’s taste, preferences and personality. Though it is true that one dresses and wears accessories as per the occasion but even then the choice of accessories can help define a person to a large extent. These days when artificial jewellery necklace sets are in vogue, it gives chance to women to enhance their beauty and personality through the careful choice of jewellery.

Here are some tips on the types of jewellery to choose for different occasions :-

For the after office birthday party : A party on weekdays is indeed a challenge to attend. One has to attend office and go for the party from there as well. In most cases there is very little time left for dressing well after office hours. A gorgeous salwar kameez or a saree paired with Chain Necklace Set with Meena Pendant and matching earrings in Meena work would do the trick. It would add to the elegance of the occasion without looking too gaudy.

For the engagement party : A engagement party is always the tricky one. Whether one has to wear a gorgeous necklace set or a simple one would much depend on the type of engagement parties organised. At times, the engagement parties are kept simple with only friends and family members. In this case a pearl necklace set with a chiffon or georgette saree can do the magic. A simple stone set necklace with a silk saree can also be worn. If it is a lavish engagement party, a heavier set with traditional motifs and craftsmanship can be chosen. The dress code too can be adjusted accordingly.

For the wedding reception of a friend : A wedding is a special occasion and if it is as special as a friend, then it does justify dressing in the best possible way. A lehenga set or a saree with embellishments could be the choice of the occasion. This paired with a good necklace set can really do justice to the occasion. A two-line or three-line necklace set with drop-down earrings complete with maangtika would really stand out. A nice hairdo with some flowers and the wedding reception pictures would be the one for keeps.

For a religious function : A religious function doesn’t need an over-bearing amount of dressing, yet it is important to look good as well. A traditional saree would be good for the occasion or even a pair of salwar kameez. A crystal mala with a locket can be worn along with stud earrings can go very well with the occasion. It would look simple and elegant as well.

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