Crafting a Seasonal Collection of Artificial Jewellery

Fashion jewellery can be worn as per season. Jewellery can be procured from fashion jewellery online store and a seasonal collection can be made. Here’s how.

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Seasons come, seasons go and along with changing seasons, fashion trends too change. But the love for jewellery never fades away. Women love their jewellery because every bit of jewellery is their style statement. With the availability of trendy fashion jewellery online store procuring artificial jewellery and making a collection of jewellery is not impossible.

Coming to seasons, it is always wiser to choose jewellery as per the trend and need of the season. It would not only blend with the season well but would always add on to the comfort factor.

Let us explore the type of jewellery we can chose as per season:

* Summer: Indian calendar begins with the summer season. Indian summers are hot and humid and heavy jewellery for this season is never a good idea. Instead one can opt for light tops or drop down chains for the ears, a simple chain with pendant for neck and light bangles. Summer is time when one normally opts for soft and light sarees like chiffon or georgette in light colours. Pearl sets go perfectly with these type of fabrics. Another interesting thing to try out during the summer would be jewellery sets with mango motifs. The seasonal fruit is often chosen as a design for various artificial jewellery and can well be chosen during the season when it is available.

Rainy: Rainy season is a very tricky and difficult season. If there is an indoor function one can always choose a traditional set of necklace and earrings and pair with a single piece statement bangle. A hair done in a traditional way and adorned with jasmine flower would complete the look and add to the romanticism of the season.But if there are outdoor programmes and there are chances of getting wet, it won’t be wise to opt for artificial metal jewellery. Artificial pearls would be a wiser choice in that case

Autumn: Autumn is the time of the festivals. It is the time when one can embrace traditional looks. One can think of necklaces which have heavy work and pair that with traditional jhumkis. The look can be completed with heavily designed bangles. If wearing a traditional outfit one can think of other additional jewellery like maangtika and anklets too. Floral motifs or temple motifs look ideal for the season. Keeping the festival season in mind, red polas with gold embellishments would be ideal with long chains pendants and a saree worn in traditional Bengali style.

Winter: Winter is a time which can be termed as a jewellery-friendly season. Since there is no heat or humidity, one can wear stone embellished heavy necklaces, stone embellished heavy drop earrings and stone embellished bangles. Winter is the time when people love to wear western wear and off-beat chokers or pearl strings go very well with winter wear. Traditional jewellery style like Polki or Meenakari can be good choices too.

Spring: Spring is the season of colours and it is the time when nature is in its full bloom. So, it is best to embrace the riot of colours. Jewellery in colourful stones or Meenakari work would be good choices. Keeping the beautiful nature in mind, nature-based motifs like flowers, leaves, birds, peacock etc can be chosen. However, spring is not devoid of heat altogether. Hence the jewellery should not be too heavy and care should be taken to remove the jewellery in case there is sweating.

With a little bit of planning and collection of proper jewellery, one can make the seasons interesting and create a season-based style as well.

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