Unearthing the rising popularity of Artificial Jhumkas Earrings

No one can beat the popularity of jhumkas among jewelleries. Nowadays one can also Buy Artificial Jhumka Earnings Online, Here are some facts about jhumkas.

Artificial Jhumka Earnings india

Jhumkas or jhumkis are one of the most popular accessories today. Not only in shops, these days a variety of jhumkis are also available online. So, rather than going to shops one can Buy Artificial Jhumka Earrings online.

* Here are some facts about Jhumkas or jhumkis :-

Origin of Jhumkis or Jhumkas:- Jhumkis or Jhumkas were originally a part of temple jewellery. They were used to adorn the temple deities. Later these became a part of the jewellery for Bharatnatyam dances. It added to the look and glory of the dancers. However, from being the part of a dancer’s wardrobe, it soon became a part of wedding jewellery. The name ‘jhumki’ or ‘jhumki’ can be attributed to the bell shape that it it resembles. Also the little ball like trinkets that hang from a jhumki add to the little chime like sound, which can loosely be said to be the reason behind the name.

Metamorphosis of jhumkis or jhumkas:- The beauty of the earring and the little swaying movements that it created didn’t take long for the jhumkis to be accepted as a very desired earring by the masses and soon every woman – young to old vied for a set of jhumkis. It became especially popular in the rural areas, where village belles complimented the sound of their anklets with the sway of the jhumkis. However, for a long time, jhumkis or jhumkas remained a part of gold collection. Little beads of pearls or stone embellishments were often added to add to the beauty of the gold jhumkis. Later on, to cater to the needs of not-so-rich class, jhumkis began to be made of silver. This became especially popular in the rural areas. From then to now, the jhumkis have undergone a tremendous change. The change has come in terms of the type of material used – from gold to silver to german silver to terracotta, to gold polished ones – the range is huge now.

Artificial Jhumkis or jhumkas:- Jhumkis or jhumkas are something every woman loves to possess and it is not just one pair. She loves to pair different styles with different dresses. And nowadays with the umpteen availability in terms of styles, there are choices galore. There are now experiments in terms of the shapes of the jhumkis as well. Hence there is a huge range available. There are different type of looks and styles that are available.

Apart from the traditional jhumkis, there can be round jhumkis, flower jhumkis, square jhumki, conical hook jhumki, Paan jhumki in layers, dome jhumki, square cone jhumki, filigri jhumki, peacock jhumki, etc. The base material may be made of brass or copper with a gold polish finish. While there are simple jhumkis, there can also be embellished ones. They may be embellished with stones . They may be adorned with minakari work. These little touches not only add beauty to the jhumkis but also are good as matching accessories with dresses. These little touches of colour make the jhumkis good to go with gorgeous dresses.

These days all these are available online and can be purchased in many number of pieces, since the cost is very moderate. Good companies offer a very good collection so that the customers can pick and choose as per their need.


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