The Significance of Bangles in a Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony.

indian wedding bangles



Jewellery plays an important role in any traditional ceremony. It is a significant part of any woman’s life. Nothing can replace the love of a woman for her jewelleries. Hence, it is also a major part of her wedding ceremony. One essential part of her wedding jewellery trousseau are the Indian Wedding Bangles.

Bangles in a marriage ceremony carry different means for different cultures. The shakha-pola tradition is persistent to bengali weddings. It is said on the morning of the wedding before sunset, these shakha polas are immersed in turmeric water and then put on the bride by seven married women who depicts seven forms of god. There’s also a myth which says fishermen in the ancient days could not afford expensive jewelleries so they made bangles out of conch-shells and lac. Shakhas are the white bangles whereas polas are the red ones. Nowadays, they come in various designs. Polas are also made up of plastic today. You can add gold detailing to your polas as well. Another important bangle that married women wear are the iron metal bangles known as noa. This gets rid of negative energy and evil eyes. In most parts of the non-bengali culture churas are an important aspect. Churas are usually glass bangles of red and white color but often red is replaced with other colors as well. To put the churas on bride, a whole ceremony is perfomed by the bride’s maternal uncle. The set of bangles which is supposed to be used for the ceremony is gifted by her uncle. Wearing wedding bangles mark the women as married in front of the world. It is one of those pieces which digmifies a bride’s attire. It is a symbol which says that she is newly married. Bangles also look very elegant and graceful on the frail wrists of bride. It is also a very feminine jewellery. Bangles also have a lot of scientific values. The continuous friction between the bangle and wrists increases blood circulation level. The constant movement of bangles also produces a vibration which is very good for the brain and helps in focusing. If your hands hit then the bangles are the first one to absorb the shock and save your wrists from potential scratches or injuries. It is also said that if a pregnant woman wears bangle then it produces better stimuli to the foetus and develops its hearing sensation. There are also many more amazing benefits of wearing bangles during a wedding ceremony.

Nowadays, women don’t wear these traditional bangles everyday for desired reasons. So, they don’t like to spend a lot of money on these bangles. The best place to get beautiful bangles at low prices is quality fashion. Quality fashion is the favourite online site of many women to get the best imitation jewellery online.

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