The Ageless, Timeless Beauty and Appeal of the Jhumkas

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Where did Jhumkas originate?

Jhumkas’ are originally a part of Indian traditional jewellery known as temple jewellery. Originally used as an ornamentation for Gods and Goddesses, the temple jewellery would include jhumka earrings that would be intricately designed and embellished well. Gradullay they began to be used by the temple dancers and then went on to be used by classical dancers. The jhumkas had such beauty and grace that it was soon began to be used as wedding jewellery too. Over years it has gained such popularity that now stylish imitation jhumka earrings are a rage among women across ages.

What are Jhumkas made of?

Originally the jhumkas that were crafted in South India as a part of temple jewellery were made of gold with heavy designs and intricate works.The gold that was normally used was of a very pure variety. When jhumkas became part of the north Indian jewellery too and women from the north too began to love jhumkas, then the jhumaks began to be made of kundan work too. This made the jhumkas more dazzling and white. Times have changed. Now Jhumkas can be made of any type – from gold polished ones to jhumkas made of thread work There can be Jhumkas made of silver to those of terracotta variety.

Do Jhumkas have a definite shape?

The traditional jhumka that was normally used as temple jewellety were dome shaped – which was attached to the top. There were a number of tiny balls hanging from the edges of the dome. At times these tiny balls were made of pearls. When kundan jhumkas were introduced, the little balls were mostly made of beads or pearls but the shape more or less remained thr same. In some varieties, the jhumkas had chains attached to it, which could be attached to hair.However with changing times and change in taste of fashion, the jhumkas now come in different shapes as well. While some Jhumkas are conical in shape, some even come as square shaped. There are yet some which come as layers. Some Jhumkas are much smaller and lighter these days to suit the taste of modern women.

What makes Jhumkas so popular?

Jhumkas have and will remain popular forever. Jhumkas are popular because they impart a feminine look and grace to the wearer. Moreover it is authentically traditional which makes it very dear to all. Jhumkas have an element of gorgeousness about themselves which enhances any simple look. The intricate pattern of the jhumkas is often a matter of attraction for all. The collection of jhumka earrings online available these days are light-weight and suited to the taste of the modern generation. So even the new generation women loves to wear these. Jhumkas have an ageless appeal which make women of all ages love these beauties.

Jhumkas would remain an important part of the history of Indian jewellery. It was and will remain an eternal favourite.


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