The Ritual Of Dodhi Mongal In Bengali Marriage Ceremony

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India and marriage is a royal love affair. The season of marriage in India never ends.  We have a lot of different culture and religion. India is one of the most versatile countries in the world. People all over the globe are fond of our culture and traditions. One such event where the rituals and activities vary from culture to culture and religion to religion is the wedding ceremonies.  The wedding functions of India is no less than a national festival. It includes days of hard work, fun,  and different traditions and rituals. All the marriages are unique and different from one another. They are beautiful in their way.

One of the most beautiful and royal weddings are Bengali weddings. It has a lot of rituals that happen before, during, and after the wedding. There are also a ton of pre-wedding rituals like any other Hindu marriage.  One such pre-wedding ceremony is dodhi mangal, and it involves the auspicious Bengali marriage bangles such as shakha, pola, etc.

The Ritual Of Dodhi Mongol:

Dodhi Mongol is a pre-wedding ritual that happens on the morning of the wedding ceremony. It usually takes place before sunrise during dawn.  It involves the very first jewelry that a bride needs to wear, which are the traditional marriage bangles known as shakha and pola.  The shakha pola has beautiful folklore behind it. It is said that fishers during the ancient time could not afford heavy, expensive jewelry for their brides. Hence, they made bangles out of conch shells and corals, which are known as shakha polas. Those shakha polas are now an essential part of the bridal trousseau.

During dodhi Mongol, the bride is fed a mixture of different sweet delicacies like curd, sweets, poha, fruits, etc.  They will not eat anything after this and fast for the entire day until the marriage takes place.  The family members of the bride and groom take them to the Ganges, respectively. They carry a pitcher of water back to their home.

Then begins the ritual of putting on the shakha pola.  Seven married women gather around the bride and put on the bangles on the bride's wrist. The seven women represent the seven goddesses and the bride seeks their blessings. You can buy beautiful bangles online as well to cut down on time and cost.
The Bengali marriage bangles are one of the essential parts of a Bengali bride's bridal trousseau. It is one part of the shola shringar and also symbolizes the marriage

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