The Significance of Indian Wedding Bangles in India

buy Indian wedding banglesThe significance of wedding bangles is manifold. One can buy Indian wedding bangles which are available in a variety of designs as well as traditional and modern styles.

The attire of a newly wed bride is never complete without the beautiful wedding bangles stacked in her wrists. However, this item of jewellery is also significant because of their traditional significance. When one buy Indian wedding bangles, one goes authentic looking jewellery which is a perfect match for their culture. While the designs and styles vary from country to country, their prominence and value cannot be underestimated.

Bangles have become an inseparable part of the Indian culture. Their speciality cannot be unnoticed. The word “bangle” comes from the Hindi word “bangli” or “bangri”. This means the ornament which adorns the arms. These jewellery pieces have a very powerful influence which has existed for many generations.

Wedding bangles form the identity of the Indian bride- a major piece of shola shringaar. The bangles for the new brides are available in glass, gold and metal. They are considered very auspicious since it ensures the well-being and the prosperity of the new couple. In some cultures, wearing wedding bangles are mandatory since they are meant to increase the longevity of the husband’s life. They also signify good fortune and peace. In case the bride breaks the bangles, it is hailed as a bad omen and inauspicious.

In a period of many years, the popularity of bangles has risen manifolds. Today, the brides are looking for contemporary styled bangles which enable one to maintain a modern outlook. These bangles are themed and designed with cutting edge designs which easily attract the attention of the others. One can buy from quality fashion jewellery stores online for the best designs and looks of bangles.

Bangles make for a perfect fashion statement. They are very feminine and graceful. One can wear them to every occasion since bangles add a touch of sparkle and bling to every outfit. For the newly wedded brides, bangles are customary wear. The choices depend largely on one’s own personal taste. But one needs to be careful while picking out the best matching bangle with their wedding dress.

Here is A list of Some of the Most Popular Wedding Bangles Which one can Buy from the Market:-

Classic Wedding Bangles

A classic item of jewellery, this is one of the first choices among the to-be brides. They come in simple glass material that has golden highlights and embellishments, making for an extraordinary ornament that graces a woman’s arms. One can buy them in the same colour and hue, or even create a highlight with contrasting colours.

A Contemporary Tale of Colours

Since the modern day brides are breaking away from traditional colours of red and maroon, their accessories and matching jewellery are more modern in outlook. One knows how to keep in sync with the new trends and experiment with their clothing. One can also add a kada to their bangle set.

Simple Chura

Chura is a classic bangle item which is worn by a majority of new brides on their wedding day. The chura is very charming which makes the bride look very graceful and beautiful. It is given to the bride by the elder members of the family as a form of blessing so that the celebrations begin under a new light. It is also meant to assure that the couple has a smooth beginning.

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