Explore The Five Fashion Accessorizing Myths Busted.

The option of Online Shopping of Jewellery has made it easier to get hold of varieties of accessories for complementing varieties of western and Indian outfits.

One can now buy fashion jewelleries online too because Online Shopping of Jewellery is more convenient as one can get the best accessories sitting at the comfort zone. No doubt, looking your best can do real wonders to your confidence. But does one always seem to have the fear of looking good and one might be pairing her clothes and accessories in the wrong manner? The reason is that women are fed with hard and fast rules when it is all about fashion. What was once just a trend followed by some of the women overtime grows mainstream and then becomes the rule of thumb. If one thinks closely, fashion and style has always been about unique, bold, and experimental. The rules are meant for breaking and the myths are meant for shunning. Five fashion accessory myths, which should be broken are here.

  1. Gold And Silver Jewelleries Cannot Be Mixed Up: - Most of the Indians think of keeping everything matching-matching. However, fashion and trend knows no limits and bounds. But, nowhere does fashion says that all jewelleries one can wear should be either gold or silver. Kick out this myth and bring in the gold and the silver pieces together in one look. If the jewelleries are paired up in the right way then they can truly make the wearer stand out from crowd.
  2. One Needs To Match Up Her Jewellery: - It is perfectly alright if one is wearing matching accessories with her clothes but this can be sometimes a tad bit boring. One can mix and match while accessorizing for bringing out her quirky fun side. From her lip shaded to her pair of shoes, everyone and everywhere is choosing out of the same and boring similar matches. Why not then try out with something unusual and different! Wear a silver chain with complementing beads.
  3. Size Really Does Not Matter Much: - There are so many fashion magazines that ask the fashion lovers to put on stuffs according to her size. Not only these types of articles are degrading to read but these also put the comfort of the wearer in question. Same is applicable for jewelleries. These tell if the wearer is petite then she cannot wear the chunky bold jewels and if her face size is small then she cannot pull the danglers off. It can be said as the era of revolution and out of all the myths, this one should be ripped off the roots.
  4. Less Is More No More: - Less is more – this phrase has been served ample of times. This has become the monastic rule for every woman. But, sometimes it is ok to go over for wearing those long and big necklaces that are sure to complement your outfit or for wearing the chunky bracelets. It is absolutely ok to go for more.
  5. Traditional Jewels Go With Traditional Outfits And Modern With Modern: - Have one ever been skeptical and scared about pairing the traditional pieces of the drops with the LBD of hers? If the answer is β€˜yes’ then one has been taken over by this particular myth that the modern jewellery pieces can go well the modern attires only the traditional pieces with the traditional ones. Just think that how many heads one is sure to turn when one wears the pair of jhumkis with a flowy maxi dress with that oomph and confidence.

So, these are the myths that one needs to battle away with and the best possible way to do this is by putting on the armor of confidence. Explore the range of Costume Jewellery Online in Kolkata and pick your favorite ones now to enhance your trendy look.

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