How to Carry Jewellery Safe and Secure While Traveling

Are you getting ready for your next vacation? This must be very exciting. Well, going on a trip comes with a lot of responsibility. While you carefully pack all your travel necessities, you also do not want to leave behind the jewellery. But this can turn quite stressful.

Traveling with jewellery inside a bag is a hectic job. You always have the fear of losing them, inspite of being organized and careful. Therefore, before leaving, you have to think hard and decide how to keep all of them safe and secure.

# Here are a few reasons why people do not like to travel with jewelry items inside their bag

They can be expensive while also having a sentimental value

Packing everything inside a single suitcase haphazardly can tangle up all the neckpieces. This way, the precious ornament piece can tear up unknowingly.

Leaving behind the jewellery inside the hotel room can be a bit of a risk. Because you cannot carry them everywhere you travel

Wearing sparkly jewellery can draw the attention of thieves and pickpockets.

# Here are a few tips that one can follow while carrying jewelry while traveling

1. Knowing what jewellery to carry is highly important. Think twice before deciding to carry expensive jewellery along with you. However, it will always be in your special interest to keep your favourite jewellery items at home.

While going on a trip, you need to be realistic. Decide what clothings you will carry, then finalize the jewellery. Consider your needs- bring what you need. Decide- if you will be spending time on the beach or go to an exquisite, romantic dinner?- and pack your jewellery accordingly. Studs, hoopla earrings, danglers, one single neckpiece, and a few bracelets will be adequate for your trip.

2. Using an alternative for your wedding ring is a judicious idea. You should protect your special wedding ring from getting lost or stolen. Misplacing the ring is a big risk if you have plans to indulge in some wilderness activity during the trip. Wearing a cheaper wedding ring is a good solution. Carry a small box where you can store the ring while going hiking or taking a dip in the swimming pool.

3. You should know how to pack your jewellery right. There are both good and bad ways to pack your ornaments. It is your duty to choose the right one.

# Here are a few tips for you to follow-

A Pear Holder comes handy for carrying the pearl necklaces and earrings. You can also store large pieces of ornaments inside them and protect them from abrasions and scratches.

Straws can be used to pack necklaces that have frickle chains so that they do not get tangled or knotted up easily. For this, you have to take half a straw, place the half portion of the necklace on it and hook its clasp. This way, your necklace will not get tangled.

A pillbox can be used as a jewellery carrier and also serve another purpose of carrying individual earring sets, bracelets, rings, and small necklaces.

Jewellery pouches are the best when it comes to carrying essential jewellery items on a trip. They are the safest and organized.

4. While traveling, it is important that you keep these precious jewellery items close to you all the time. This means they are well-protected and safe. Do not put them inside the checked baggage since there are greater chances of them getting lost in transport. Never leave the jewellery bag unattended while inside an airport or at the train station. Also, do not give that particular baggage to the housekeeper. It is a nightmare to find all your precious things missing from the bag while going on a relaxing trip.

While leaving all those exquisite and costly jewellery items at home beats the horrifying thought of having to lose them on a trip, one can take a little risk and carry it with them attentively. Follow these given tips above and enjoy a smooth and memorable journey.

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