Importance of Jewellery in a Modern Woman’s Life

A woman and her jewellery are inseparable. For a today’s woman, jewellery is a statement of what she is. A write-up on the importance of jewellery for women.

artifical jewlery

A woman’s connection with jewellery can be seen dating back to as old as Indus Valley civilisation. The figurine of the dancing girl with bangles in one hand is an evidence to the fact that women had always been in love with jewellery.

The word ‘jewelry’ originates from Latin word ‘jocale’ which means ‘plaything’. The word ‘jewel’ that we use is however a derivative of the French word “joule”.

Originally jewellery was worn both by men and women with equal enthusiasm. Though the type of jewellery worn by each varied in their look, but jewellery was indeed worn by both genders. From Mughal emperors to Indian Rajas, we see them adorned with jewellery in portraits and paintings.

As time passed, men shunned the jewellery, while women clung on to it. There is perhaps hardly a woman who does not love jewellery. But what is the importance of jewellery in a women’s life?

There was a time when women were given jewellery not only to enhance their beauty but also as a safety asset for their future. But over time the outlook of women changed. Jewellery now is for self love, self indulgence and self satisfaction.

Modern women do not need the safety of gold assets alone to protect their future. Hence they do venture out to try out different jewellery other than the traditional costly jewellery like gold or diamond.

Modern woman does not like to compromise with ‘whatever is available’ and hence does not only rely on hand-me-down jewellery of mothers and grandmothers. She does respect those and wears those but is also insistent on wearing co-ordinated jewellery with her dresses. That is the reason why there is a booming popularity of artificial jewellery too. Infact these days even for weddings women are choosing any kind of jewellery that goes well with their wedding outfit without insisting on the jewellery being a gold or a diamond one. Women are not afraid to experiment with their looks, neither are they afraid to experiment with their jewellery.

Modern woman dresses for herself. She wears a jewellery to make her own self happy and not to look attractive to others. The concept of dressing to look good to please the men folk of the family did once exist. It is not that women dressed ‘for the men’ but it was thought to be a good practice to be always neat , clean and look good in the eyes of their husbands. But now if women at all dress up it is for themselves – to make their inner self happy. What women today indulge in is self –love and living for themselves. Hence her wardrobe is full of different sets of jewellery from where she can choose as per mood and choice. This attitude is no longer thought to be selfish but it is self love. Jewellery is known to enhance moods and create a sense of happiness. So, every time a woman slips in a bangle, she slips in a bit of happiness as well. Every time she wears a chunky necklace just to ‘beat the blues’, she uplifts her own spirit. Every time she tries out a jhumka with her denims, she gives a boost to her self confidence.

For today’s woman, jewellery is not about ‘looking beautiful’ alone, it is her statement of happiness and a proclamation of who she is!

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