The Jewellery Story of a Modern Indian Wedding

traditional pola designer bangles

Sudeshna is a modern girl. A college lecturer by profession, she has her own style statement and choices. Everyone around her – her colleagues or her students look up to her for her fashion and sense of style. So it was obvious that when her marriage was fixed, her parents, especially her mother was a tad bit worried about where and how to buy indian wedding bangles that would make their daughter happy. Sudeshna had always been very particular about bangles from childhood. But Sudeshna herself came forward with the solution that she would do all her jewellery shopping herself. She was also insistent on the fct that other than the jewellery on the day of her wedding, she would not wear traditional gold ornaments and would opt for a wide variety of fashion jewellery instead. Hard pressed for time, she decided to do online shopping for her jewellery.

For her special engagement ceremony she chose a green coloured mina pendant set to be worn with her gold and green saree. Now came the issue of bangles. Choosy that she was, she thought of some unusual bangle styles and chose two tone zig zag bangles. Simple, yet stylish had always been her motto.Though a Bengali by birth, like every other modern day girl, she wanted a Sangeet and a Mehendi ceremony too.

For her Mehendi ceremony she chose a two-line necklace set with maangtika. To go with the embellishments of her lehenga she chose meenakari bangles for herself.

She had a dance to perform for her Sangeet ceremony along with her would-be-husband, so she wanted to wear something gorgeous. So she went in for a Jhalar necklace along with earrings. To add to clink and clank while she danced she chose a set of six sleek meena bangles for each of her hand. She even chose a beautiful anklet for herself.For the gaye holud day, she opted to wear her mother’s gold necklace but for her ears she chose a pair of jhumkis. She added a fashion gold screw bangle to the list to complete the look. With the new Saakha and Pola and loha, the bangle blended really well. Ofcourse she remembered to remove the bangles when being given a bath, so as to avoid the bangle coming in contact with moisture.

Having had her wish fulfilled, it was time for her to fulfil her mother’s wish and she didn’t hesitate wearing her mother’s gold jewellery during her wedding moment.

And her mother came to bless her, Sudeshna placed a small box in her mother’s hands. She knew her mother always had the wish of owning a pair of pola designer bangles with gold plated embellishments and this was the right opportunity to thank the woman who was the reason of her being on this earth. As she opened the box and saw the gift, two drops of happy tears rolled down her mother’s cheeks. And Sudeshna tried hard to look elsewhere.

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