Tips To Pair The Right Type Of Jhumkas With Dresses

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Women have eternal love for jewellery and earrings always have a special place in their Jewellery Box. Jhumkas are worn by women across all ages. Now you can even get Jhumka Earrings Online of a wide variety. Here are a few ways in which you can pair your jhumkas with your dresses and create your own fashion statement:

Fashion With jhumkas -

  • With Kurtis: Jhumkis and Kurtis make an amazing pair. Just remember to keep your jhumkis small and simple. You can find square-shaped jhumki Earrings Online or conical hook jhumkis. These will pair very well with Kurtis.
  • With sarees: Sarees and jhumkis are of course one of the best jewellery and garment match. You need to choose them as per the saree that you are going to wear. If it is more of a traditional saree like Benarasi or Kanjeevaram then you can wear fancy flower jhumkas, filigiri jhumkas or round jhumkas. You can select bigger size jhumkas but remember to keep the neck-piece simple. If you are planning to wear lighter sarees like printed cotton or silk sarees, then select multi-colour or layered jhumkas for the offbeat look.
  •  With lehengas: We wear lehengas on special occasions. For weddings and festivals, your combination of lehengas and jhumkas will certainly create magic. Since lehengas are normally worn on special occasions, it would be beautiful to pair the lehengas with elaborately bigger-sized jhumkas. The drop-tops jhumki looks fabulous with lehengas.
  •  With western dresses: Though it may sound weird, but you can actually pair your western dresses with gorgeous jhumkis. Try small and adorable jhumkis with crop tops and skirts and see the magic in you!

These are little fashion tips on how you pair jhumkis with different types of dresses. You can choose them from Quality Fashion which houses some of the best collection.

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