Making the Womaniya Gift Hamper For a Just-Eighteen

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Eighteenth birthday is very special for any girl. She does not want to give up all the joys of being a little girl so much loved by her parents and yet wants to savour the joys of womanhood. There are several ways by which her eighteenth birthday may be made special. Apart from the grand celebrations, the choice of gifts can make her special day extra special. The best way to make her happy would be to gift her a womaniya hamper – a hamper that would consist of different items , including artificial jewellery which can be procured from jewelry store online at very nominal rate.

Here are different things that can go inside the womaniya hamper:

1) A saree or a dress: Eighteen is the first time when she should savour the joy of owning her first saree and what better occasion than her eighteenth birthday! A soft saree like a chiffon, georgette or silk would be an ideal choice so that she can carry it well. If she doesn’t like saree at all then you can think of a salwar kameez for her.

2) A make-up kit: It is that moment of the lifetime when every not-so-allowed is allowed and this is the right time to gift her a make-up kit as well. It need not be very expensive but basic things like foundation, blush-on, eye-shadow, eye-liner, lipstick may be added to her kit. To complete the make up kit a perfume is a must.

3) Jewelry potli: A little potli of artificial jewellery placed along with the hamper will reach her to the zenith of happiness. A careful choice from a host of selections available can definitely make the hamper worth remembering. The collection can include a light-weight, yet trendy set like an oxidised necklace set with matching earrings or meenakari pendant set with matching earrings. Alongside meenakari bangles may be given as gift or for a change, zigzag patterned bangles may also be given. If she likes to wear something light, a piece may be chosen from artifical chains online may be chosen. Matching drop down chain earrings wich are light and trendy may be gifted to her. Alternatively she can also be given a pair of jhumkis to go along with the look.

4) A handbag: A woman is hardly a woman without her hand bag. The shoulder bags are good for going to college but a ‘lady’ needs a ‘lady’s handbag’ too. So a fashionable handbag is a must. The handbag would make her look like a complete Diva. It is best to choose a neutral colour that would go well with most dresses.

5) Matching shoes: Accessories of a woman is never incomplete and matching shoes is a must. A beautiful pair of shoes – which is both stylish and comfortable would be a good choice. And once again, it is best to be purchased in neutral colour to make it wearable with any kind of dress.

And finally a little note of appreciation of what she is and what she means to the family, neatly tucked inside the hamper, would make her cherish the birthday forever!

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