Why Are Women Selecting Artificial Bengali Marriage Bangles

 bengali marriage bangles

Bengali marriages are always special. There are fun, food, festivities and rituals surrounding women. In Bengali marriages, a bride holds the place of pride and she receives lovely jewellery as gifts from her family and friends. Among the different rituals of a Bengali marriage is the wearing of the Bengali Marriage Bangles called Shankha-Pola. The white Shankha made of conch shells and the red Pola made of coral is the most important part of any Bengali bride’s life. There is a special occasion which marks this special event. However, these days women are opting to wear artificial Saankha Pola too, instead of real ones – especially after the initial days of marriage ceremonies are over. Here are some reasons :

Opting For Artificial Saankha Pola -

  • Shakha Pola was there for the poor brides who could not afford gold bangles. However, over time, Saankha Pola began to be used by all and in time they even came with gold embellishments. These days gold embellished Saankha Polas are very popular and most marriage Saankha Polas are gold embellished. Nowadays women have to go out very frequently for work and other purposes, it is no longer feasible to wear gold embellished marriage bangles due to safety reasons. This is why young women opt for artificial ones for their regular use once the basic marriage festivities are over.
  • There are a lot of superstitions related to the actual Saankha Pola. Since women have to carry on their daily chores and office work too, including travels, it is always risky if these Saankha Polas break. So for the sake of safety to women prefer artificial Saankha Pola for their use. If this breaks they can always replace with new ones. So, they find it better to use artificial ones when it comes to daily wear.
  •  The artificial marriage bangles, especially the Polas, come in different variants – from star embellishments to elephant face ones. So women can buy a variety of embellished Polas and can wear by turns. The good part is that these embellished artificial Polas come at very affordable costs so you can actually buy many Polas at the same time.

These are some of the reasons why women these days are opting for artificial Saankha Polas these days. Quality Fashion is one such online brand which has a wide variety of embellished Polas of the artificial variant and all at an affordable cost. So, all you have to do is select the one you like and buy online.

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