Nature Beautifies The Earth and Bangles Beautify The Woman.

Bangles in India have a rich old history to glorify. In modern times, bangles are also available in different materials and CZ is being the recent inclusion. One can search for any Online Bangle Jewelry Store for the same.

Bangles are the oldest jewelry in India. It had been in Indian history since ancient times. Nothing looks more graceful on women’s arm than wearing a bangle. The way a bangle represents a woman in the most subtle way- it becomes an inspiration for the admirers. It reflects the richness of romanticism and artfulness of affluent India from the past. There’s hardly any tradition in India where there’s no influence of bangles. In fact, even today bangles have been modified in various ways to give it a contemporary feel. No Jewellery is complete without the bangles. One can search Online Bangle Jewelry Store.

The significance of bangles in rich Indian cultural history is not anymore a fact. There is enough evidence from the past which showed that the women used to adorn their arm with bangles. In Hindu mythology, it says even Gods wear bangles too. In Ancient time, it was found that bangles were made from terracotta, shell, lac, copper, stone, glass, bronze, gold and possibly with every material. Every married woman in India should have to wear a bangle. It is also being considered as the essential part of bride’s jewelry. There are specific communities in India where Brides also have to wear glass bangles (Kaanch-Ki-Chudiya) along with the gold one. It is a symbolic gesture for the well being of the husband and the kids.

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Different states in India have different significance and also have different definitions for the same. Especially, In Bengal mostly married women wear gold bangles, whereas, In East Bengal, brides have to wear a pair of Paula(Red Coral) and shakha(Shell). In Punjab, a bride has to wear bangles called chooda (Set of Ivory) on their every hand. They have to wear this bangles for twenty-one days. Some of the brides wear them for a year as well. It depends on the tradition.

In Rajasthan, a married woman wears ivory bangles from wrist to their upper arms for the rest of her life. She will eventually remove these bangles, the day when her husband expires. In recent time this tradition has been removed from the custom.

In the Present generation, the real reason doesn’t necessarily have to be a nuptial or something, women even wear bangles to embellish themselves on other occasions as well. It has nothing to do with the husband’s age anymore. Today, with the evolution of time, bangles are being made in different ways by using different materials. Form cheapest to expensive, bangles are transforming into a modern day jewelry now. These days bangles are also being made from cubic zirconia. Shortly abbreviated as CZ. It is a synthesized material. It is hard, colorless and flawless material. CZ is creating a rave ever since it is being introduced in Jewellery.

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