• May 16, 2018

    Category: Costume Jewellery Online

    Explore The Five Fashion Accessorizing Myths Busted.

    The option of Online Shopping of Jewellery has made it easier to get hold of varieties of accessories for complementing varieties of western and Indian outfits.

    One can now buy fashion jewelleries online too because Online Shopping of Jewellery is more convenient as one can get the best accessories sitting at the comfort zone. No doubt, looking your best can do real wonders to your confidence. But does one always seem to have the fear of looking good and one might be pairing her clothes and accessories in the wrong manner? The reason is that women are fed with hard and fast rules when it is all about fashion. What was once just a trend followed by some of the women overtime grows mainstream and then becomes the rule of thumb. If one thinks closely, fashion and style has always been about unique, bold, and experimental. The rules are meant for breaking and the myths are meant for shunning. Five fashion accessory myths, which should be broken are here. Continue reading

  • May 11, 2018

    Category: Bangle

    Nature Beautifies The Earth and Bangles Beautify The Woman.

    Bangles in India have a rich old history to glorify. In modern times, bangles are also available in different materials and CZ is being the recent inclusion. One can search for any Online Bangle Jewelry Store for the same.

    Bangles are the oldest jewelry in India. It had been in Indian history since ancient times. Nothing looks more graceful on women’s arm than wearing a bangle. The way a bangle represents a woman in the most subtle way- it becomes an inspiration for the admirers. It reflects the richness of romanticism and artfulness of affluent India from the past. There’s hardly any tradition in India where there’s no influence of bangles. In fact, even today bangles have been modified in various ways to give it a contemporary feel. No Jewellery is complete without the bangles. One can search Online Bangle Jewelry Store. Continue reading

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