• May 13, 2019

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    Unearthing the rising popularity of Artificial Jhumkas Earrings

    No one can beat the popularity of jhumkas among jewelleries. Nowadays one can also Buy Artificial Jhumka Earnings Online, Here are some facts about jhumkas.

    Artificial Jhumka Earnings india

    Jhumkas or jhumkis are one of the most popular accessories today. Not only in shops, these days a variety of jhumkis are also available online. So, rather than going to shops one can Buy Artificial Jhumka Earrings online.

    * Here are some facts about Jhumkas or jhumkis :-

    Origin of Jhumkis or Jhumkas:- Jhumkis or Jhumkas were originally a part of temple jewellery. They were used to adorn the temple deities. Later these became a part of the jewellery for Bharatnatyam dances. It added to the look and glory of the dancers. However, from being the part of a dancer’s wardrobe, it soon became a part of wedding jewellery. The name ‘jhumki’ or ‘jhumki’ can be attributed to the bell shape that it it resembles. Also the little ball like trinkets that hang from a jhumki add to the little chime like sound, which can loosely be said to be the reason behind the name. Continue reading

  • May 6, 2019

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    Explore the World of Exquisitely Designed Artificial Bangles

    From being part of Harappan Civilisation to Online Designer Artificial Bangles – bangles have evolved over time. The write-up peeps into the world of bangles.

    Online Designer Artificial Bangles

    Bangles are a part of every women’s closet. Whether for special functions or for weddings, this is one set of jewellery that an Indian woman does not want to miss out on. Bangles are something that a woman is always drawn towards. In a village fair, apart from the food stalls, the place attracting the maximum attention would be the bangle stall. During a wedding, the first set of jewellery that is thought about are the bangles. It is not just that bangles are beautiful and add to the grace of women but bangles are a symbol of happiness and prosperity as well. A home becomes a beautiful place when it resonates with the sound of mother’s glass bangles. There was a time when only a few type of bangles were available – the glass bangles and the metal ones. Alongside there were also the red coral bangles worn by few. But bangles evolved over the ages. Bangles made of every possible object is now available. Nowadays even Online Designer Artificial Bangles are available. Continue reading

  • April 29, 2019

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    Here is a Checklist for the Purchase of Artificial Jewellery Online

    The blog takes a look at the list of things we should keep in mind while purchasing designers artificial jewelry online. A checklist for the buyers while purchase.

    designers artificial jewelry online

    Artificial jewellery works well for the modern generation. It works well because it gives look, elegance and class at pocket-friendly prices. So, one does not have to spend a lot of money to get class or elegance.

    But what are the things one need to look into for buying designers artificial jewelry online? Continue reading

  • April 19, 2019

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    Beauty Browsing through the World of Artificial Jewellery

    A look into the world of artificial jewellery. The write up explores the reasons why women today prefer to buy designers artificial jewelry online instead of original jewelry.

    artificial jewelry online

    If there are two things that become ‘talk of the town’ at the weddings, it is the food and jewellery. While the senior citizens and children are keen on browsing through the rows of food trays on display at the food section. ‘jewellery' become the ‘hot topic' among women. The bride and the groom hardly seem to manage a slot of 10 minutes at the maximum! And though there was a time when gold jewellery used to be scooped out of ‘grandmother-boxes' with wooden carvings, women these days prefer to buy designers artificial jewelry online. But why is this shift in trend? Continue reading

  • April 9, 2019

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    How to Carry Jewellery Safe and Secure While Traveling

    Are you getting ready for your next vacation? This must be very exciting. Well, going on a trip comes with a lot of responsibility. While you carefully pack all your travel necessities, you also do not want to leave behind the jewellery. But this can turn quite stressful.

    Traveling with jewellery inside a bag is a hectic job. You always have the fear of losing them, inspite of being organized and careful. Therefore, before leaving, you have to think hard and decide how to keep all of them safe and secure. Continue reading

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