The Emerging Trends in the Looks of Shakha & Pola

bengali bangles

Bangles have always been an important part of Indian culture and tradition from the times of Indus Valley civilisation. There is visible proof in Indus valley about the existence of different bangles. Originally in ancient India bangles were worn by both genders - both men and women. Over time it is the women who have worn bangles. There was time when women would go to the bangle shop, but now, one can every kind of bangles online – whether bengali bangles like pola or specially designed polka bangles.

The word ‘bangle’ has its origin from Sanskrit word Bangri or Bangali which means “ornament adorning the arm”.Bangles, especially for married women, is considered sacred. Infact married women hardly like to have bafre hands without bangles.Bangles vary from region to region and custom to custom and fortunately the online imitation jewellery india produces has every kind of bangles on offer.

Different areas have their own culture and customs and based on their own tradition the bangles are made accordingly. In South India women mostly wear gold bangles.. In some parts of India gold bangles are complimented with green glass bangles. This signifies happiness and goodness in matrimony.In Bengal, the brides wear white Sankha and red Pola. Sankha is made of conch shell while Pola is red coral bangle. Also the bride wears iron bangle called Noa which is often plated in gold. This is known to ward off evil . It is a gift from the mother-in-law who gives this and blesses her new daughter-in-law.

Online jewellery stores have a wide variety of Bengali bangles, especially the Pola. The Pola which was once only a red coral bangle is now available with beautiful embellished forms.

The different types of Pola bangles which are available include:

1) pola bangles with different motifs like flower motifs, sun motifs,star motifs, or dots.

2) pola bangles with a running golden strip in the middle

3) pola bangles with elephant heads

4) pola bangles which are wound with golden strip

5) though traditionally pola bangles are red, maroon pola bangles are also available. There are also tweaking of colour beyond red and green Polas are also emerging as a trend.

6) traditionally pola bangles are to be worn as pairs but nowadays single pola bangles are also available which can be worn with a wrist watch in the other hand.

Apart from Pola, the Shakha bangles too are undergoing changes. So, for the Shakha bangles too there has evolved many designs like the embellished Shakhas. There are Shakhas with designs of gold on it , There are also Shakhas with different type of design engravings.

The traditional Bengali bangles have undergone a metamorphosis and everyone is open to the change as well.With changing fashion style there is a constant evolution of change and there is no hesitation in breaking the traditional norms too.

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