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  • October 2, 2018

    Category: Bangle

    Historical, Colourful, and Traditional Significance of Bangle Jewellery


    Like individual blessings, an injunction by the side! Yes, Bangle Jewellery continue with a special dazzle like no other! An important thing of Tradition Indian jewelry, no look is complete sans bangles. Ever questioned how they came into existence? Or what is so unique about them that each Indian woman, both unmarried and married chooses to decorate these? From regular big gold bangles to smaller items for everyday wear, here are unusual of the ideas after the perfect rise of the bangle in Asia:

    Historical Point of View: ornaments didn’t eternally come invested in gold or another valuable metal. Remains from Mohenjo-Daro diggings show that bangles continued even formed of terracotta, copper, and shell. They were basically covered with red or black patterns and were consumed both by women and men. Over the times, it was thought that the performance of bangles helps improve the blood flow steady. Continue reading

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