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  • March 19, 2019

    Category: office wear jewellery

    Tips to Shine by Wearing Trendy Office Jewellary

    office wear jewellery online india

    Your workplace attire cannot go dull, mainly when you try hard to simplify your look. Being fashionable is every women’s desire. However, balancing it out in a workplace can be challenging. As you want to avoid flashy office jewellary, you gradually restrict yourself from wearing anything at all. This makes you compromise with styling.

    But this is not necessary. You can try out fashionable yet low profile jewellary that can make you look glam even in the office. Here are 5 such office wear jewellary online India that you can try out- Continue reading

  • December 17, 2018

    Category: Jhumka Earrings

    How To Style Up Like Bollywood Actresses By Wearing Jhumka Earrings

    Jhumki Earring Online

    Earrings or Jhumkas has usually worn with regular Indian attire, be it sarees or salwar, Jhumka Earrings Online ever make it sound. But, beware, don’t glam up with everything one should. Sometimes with a large outfit, one strength no need to maintain too many Jewels. Jhumkas require to be used with outfits that let them be out obviously. So like a simple, beautiful piece and add a fresh Jhumka over it. And I guarantee one will take the appearance.

    Personally, one would say Vidya Balan is a stimulus for this appearance, pick any of her public appearances in sarees and one will see whereby she matches simple, beautiful sarees with winning big jhumkas. Many other Bollywood stars have enhanced the Jhumkas in a process that will surely get us to want to see them. Continue reading

  • November 20, 2018

    Category: Bangle

    The Significance Of Pola And Other Bangles In Different Communities

    Pola Designer Bangles

    Bangles form one of the principal assistants that women use all throughout the globe. Whether single or married, bangles are one of the associates that can move every outfit and gears. There are many types of bangles up for grabs in the game and there is much Online Jewellery Store in Kolkata where one can get what she is especially looking for. One can get them in various designs, shapes, and sizes. Even though bangles are made all across the earth, they operate a special importance in Hinduism. Please explore on the internet and purchase Indian bangles online to get better and convenient options. Continue reading

  • October 2, 2018

    Category: Bangle

    Historical, Colourful, and Traditional Significance of Bangle Jewellery


    Like individual blessings, an injunction by the side! Yes, Bangle Jewellery continue with a special dazzle like no other! An important thing of Tradition Indian jewelry, no look is complete sans bangles. Ever questioned how they came into existence? Or what is so unique about them that each Indian woman, both unmarried and married chooses to decorate these? From regular big gold bangles to smaller items for everyday wear, here are unusual of the ideas after the perfect rise of the bangle in Asia:

    Historical Point of View: ornaments didn’t eternally come invested in gold or another valuable metal. Remains from Mohenjo-Daro diggings show that bangles continued even formed of terracotta, copper, and shell. They were basically covered with red or black patterns and were consumed both by women and men. Over the times, it was thought that the performance of bangles helps improve the blood flow steady. Continue reading

  • July 6, 2018

    Category: Bangle

    Why Bangle And Bracelets Are Essential Part Of All Jewellery?

    The Combination of Bangles and Bracelets is like icing on the cook, beautiful, mystique and charismatic. One can try and explore various ways by roping in for Online Jewellery Store in Kolkata.

    The practice of wearing accomplices on the wrists estimates back to ancient times, around 6000 years ago, where wrist associates provided a consistent meaning and message. With the progress of fashion and time requirements, bracelets and bangles have displayed a complete conception in accessorizing, however, the underlying intent and design still lives. Each and every nation and religion has connected very distinguished and wonderful meaning to using bangles apart from them doing little pieces of jewellery wear. In India, bangles are symbolic of quiet marriage as well as love and honor. Many practices from the world like Latin America associate bracelets and bangles with a safeguard against evil, whereas in Greece it’s a protection from the warmth. As fragile and insignificant as they may appear, wrist accessories are not only beautiful to wear, they have wanted rituals and blessings which make them so evergreen. It only aims to make the best parcel of charms and lucks ready at your finger’s touch or impression Online Bangle Jewellery Store.

    Bracelets and Bangles are precious embellishments that women can carry every day and these which spread over all slips of fashion bearings. Other assistants improve with age and time, nevertheless, bangles and bracelets hold the guarantee of making someone feels fresh, younger and decked up irrespective of someone's age and time. Be it classic vintage style wristbands based on fresh metal and bronze or modern uni-threaded flecked wristlets, they only can be tended off with a pure perception of what the occurrence invites for as well as something the outfit needs. Continue reading

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