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  • July 24, 2018

    Category: Bangle

    Description, Significance And The Science Behind Pola & Sakha Bangles

    While bangles are mainly made of mud, glass, steel, gold, and carries values in several regions in India, there are some eclectic & popular custom of bangles from West Bengal -- “Shakapaula” bangles.  Before one starts reading this blog, one may search one the internet & Buy Pola Designer Bangles.  It is a blend of bangles particularly known as “Sankha (white conch case bangles)”, “Paula (bittersweet red coral bangles)”, and mostly characterized by “Loha (steel bangle)”.

    This is essentially a bridal bangle used on her marriage ceremonies. These are very mild and beautiful but for special occasions based on their cost-effectiveness, some use Sakha Paula bangles with gold buried in – they are described as “Shona Bandano Sakha Paula”. Continue reading

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