The Everlasting Charm And Significance Of Traditional Bengali Bangles

Symbols are important phrases of Human society. Culture is not dead. It is changed with need, space, and time. Culture is assimilated through direct education or through perception, imitation as well as adoption. Continuous socialization does the individual internalize the ideas. Similarly with Bengali Traditional Bangles as well.

Wearing the types of conjugality continues the customs and traditions. Customs are signs of a section of women needing to create the organization as per their need and importance. They are intended to satisfy the requirements of the community.

Thought Behind:

Hindu ladies essentially the Bengali ladies and also in Bihari society they wear special types of the wedding like Loha, Pola, Shakha, and Sindoor. Shakha is white bangles given of Pola and conch-shell are red bangles built of red corals. There is an alloy bangle asked Loha.

Shakha and Pola can be used in both hands. The bride has to use Pola within Shakha or iron ore bangles. It is said that iron or metal bangles keep the tension between negative and positive powers. It is worn only in the left control. It is not necessarily related to gold always.

Vermilion or Sindoor is which is connected to the separation of the nose. The practice of Sindoor by a love means that she is now given. All those are symbols of friendship for Hindu Bengali ladies. Many consider that using these could fend off bad signs and it becomes the value of the wife and also holds among the couples.


Pola and Shakha are the main embellishments of a wedded woman. Now, this had become like valuable jewelry for all married woman. This system is most widespread in the eastern part of India, and similarly north of India. In West Bengal, according to typical Bengali custom, the Shakha & Pola has a high point. Before the original Bengali wedding day, joined women make a ritual described Dodhi Mangal in which they cover bangles created with shells in turmeric infused water. Seven joined women put Shakha Pola into bride’s help. It means as seven figures of Goddess. Time has come when can easily buy these simply visiting a Bangles Store Online.

It's a simply made case just needs to be created with patience & care. The Shakha though appears to be set may get fragile if managed carelessly. Similarly, in a given life, the bride wants to make sure that she meets her ability without spending her sensitivity, charm, & morals followed by favorable thinking.

Beautiful Aspect:

The system is a different golden page of a conjugal life. Pola & Shakha are nature's help to the married woman. It's not only an embellishment but it's proud for a wedded woman.

Traditionally or conventionally, whenever a united woman asked Sindoor/Vermilion on her front as a type of living married she also practices a little Vermillion on the left Shakha. This excellent tradition continues on sans any interference.

These stories bring us closer to the community and the family. Such small devices make our life more wonderful and fill in every time with pleasure and love.

Conclusion: Sakha and Pola are the main elements which complete a Bengali Wedding. If anyone is searching for similar type bangles and other varieties plus imitation jewelry then they can come at “Quality Fashion”. It’s an online store specializes in women's’ imitation Jewellery.

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