The Different Vrieties of Traditional Bengali Jewellery

Bengali jewellery is symbolic of many hundred years of tradition and customs. One can buy Bengali wedding bangles are other designer ornaments online.

bengali wedding bangles online

Ask any Bengali women, and she will immediately let you know how much she loves traditional ornaments. The heritage of wearing Bengali ornaments have been going on for generations. From your grandmother to your mother and you, these ornaments are also steeped in cultural significances.

So, if you are planning to buy Bengali jewellery like traditional pole designer bangles, you can purchase from a variety of collection available in online jewellery stores. Here are some of the main traditional Bengali ornaments that you can buy from-

1. A Nath

This is one of the oldest variety of Bengali ornament. A newlywed bride wears it on their wedding occasion. You can wear this only if you have a nose piercing. Nowadays, false naths are also available which when worn can easily elevate the look of a new bride. In vogue for many years now, you can easily notice traditional Bengali women wearing them on every occasion and every festivity.

2. Shankha and Pola

These are integral Bengali wedding bangles which forms an important Bengali wedding ritual. A popular custom of Bengal, all brides have to wear a shankha and pola once they sit down on the wedding platform. The event beings with the gaye holud ceremony on the early morning of the d-day. The elders of the house dip the bangles in a turmeric paste and then given to the bride which she wears on her wrists. A loha bangle is also given and the ritual is called Dodhi Mongol. All the relatives of the house bestow her with blessings and prayers. Seven married women embellish the bride with these bangles and grant a good, lengthy life to the couple.

3. Paati haar

Known by this name in the Bengali jargon, this necklace has been in vogue for generations. Bengali affluent families wear this as ethnic wear and a piece of precious bridal jewellery. Talented craftsmen carve these with intricate designs and motifs. But despite their sophisticated designs, they are the most convenient to wear on any occasion.

4. Jhumka

This is also a favourite for most Bengali traditional women. The name is for chandelier style earrings, also called by the name of "jhumko". Nowadays they are available in a variety of designs and also in silver metal. Mostly carved with floral designs, new designs are popping up like a peacock motif inspired by the rich Indian culture. You can wear them at an instant to any traditional Bengali ceremony.

5. Tikli

These can give an instant transformation to your Bengali look. Bengali brides wear them as important bridal jewellery. The middle parting of the hair is covered by wearing this ornament. An exemplary jewellery item, this forehead ornament piece is also studded with precious stones or made up entirely of gold.

6. Chik

A choker kind of necklace, this piece of jewellery will fit tightly around your neck. The chik looks bright and pretty on the neck of the bride and does not cover the collar bone. Gold chokers are mostly bought in the Bengali tradition. Not only a part of the bridal jewellery, but they are also a suitable ornament that can look beautiful on anybody.

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