Tips to Shine by Wearing Trendy Office Jewellary

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Your workplace attire cannot go dull, mainly when you try hard to simplify your look. Being fashionable is every women’s desire. However, balancing it out in a workplace can be challenging. As you want to avoid flashy office jewellary, you gradually restrict yourself from wearing anything at all. This makes you compromise with styling.

But this is not necessary. You can try out fashionable yet low profile jewellary that can make you look glam even in the office. Here are 5 such office wear jewellary online India that you can try out-

1. Stud earrings

These are most suitable for office wear. Stud earrings can make you look stylish as well as chic. You can attend phone calls with ease. You can also match them easily with your attire. For example, if you plan to wear a peach coloured shirt with a pencil skirt, you can spice it up a beautiful rose gold earrings embellished with solid stones. A single white stone studded earring can add the much-required dose of glamour to every outfit, every day. A matching bag can further boost your style.

2. Bail pendants

Wearing a delicate styled chain to the office can pep up your look easily. You can also team it up with a sleek textured gold plated pendant to bring about a balance of subtlety and gorgeousness. Always evident to bring out the boss in every woman, they compliment your personality with grace and dignity.

The statement pendants are simple and artistic which doesn’t cause much of a distraction. But they look attractive for sure. You can make an immediate purchase from an online jewelry store in Kolkata.

3. Chain bracelets

If you decide to wear overworked and large bracelets to the office, they can create a hindrance in smooth hand movements during typing. For any confident presentation, hand gestures are essential.

Bigger bracelets can tinkle and create a disturbance for other colleagues. Classy, elegant bracelets can make you look attractive and favourable. While many people are reluctant to wear precious jewellary to the office fearing to lose them, these bracelets come with lobster clasps so that you do not have to worry about losing an expensive accessory.

4. Band rings

These jewellary ornaments are new in trend. If you are crazy about wearing rings, you can buy them and wear them to the office. You can opt for small diamond stones engraved on the top. They look like a crown and can make for a statement office outfit. It brings in a lot of compliment for unique and innovative designs.

5. Mangalsutra

If you are one of them who thinks mangalsutra cannot be worn to an office, you are probably wrong. You can always choose from simply designed mangalsutras and stay rooted in your culture. Nowadays a lot of online stores sell mangalsutras of various designs. Paired with a small pendant, they make gorgeous everyday wear. These can also be teamed with your modern office outfit. What a trendsetting idea!

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