Want the Look of a Perfect Bride? Here is how you can do it

Getting the perfect bridal look requires a lot timely planning. One has to buy designer necklace sets, arrange their wedding outfit and do a lot fot other things in order to look elegant on their wedding day.

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Are you prepping up for your own wedding occasion? Pretty challenging isn’t it. Every girl dreams to look like a fairytale bride. But achieving that can be a bit stressful. A stunning bridal outfit, matching jewellary and the perfect makeup- everything balanced together can either make or break the look. Thus a lot of planning and consideration goes into the hand. But eventually, everything settles into place as you look glamorous as a new bride on your wedding day.

To make this lifetime wish come true, one has to avoid any last minute confusion and hassle. Jewellary is also an important consideration in this regard. To buy the right designs and match them with the wedding outfit demands a lot of thinking. But once you are satisfied with your look, nothing can stop you from looking like a diva.

So, as the countdown to your wedding day begins, it is time to push away all the added tensions and worries. Here is a stepwise guideline that you need to follow in order to prep up for your big day.

1. Select your wedding outfit

This is one of the major tasks that any bride should decide upon before going into any other task. Buying the final wedding outfit is the most challenging job that goes beyond your imagination. It all depends upon your taste which in turn reflects on your personality. Be it a Banarasi sari, an expensive lehenga or an exquisite wedding gown, once you choose “the one”, you are good to move ahead.

Fitting into the dress is also important as you are probably buying the dress 3 months prior to your wedding. So never forget to ask the tailor to keep some extra clothing material at hand. In case you gain weight, the tailor can alter your dress accordingly.

2. Match your jewellary

Be it gold ornaments, sleek platinum ones or sparkling diamond jewellary, one should always purchase their jewellary at least a month before the wedding. Choosing the correct design and pattern of jewellary can be a hectic task. Never go for wedding jewellary shopping alone. Always take friends along or your parents for better advice. Visit reputed shops to buy designer necklace sets, as you will be spoilt with choices. These shops also allow you to try them on to see how it looks on you.

Always remember that buying wedding jewellary is a future investment, so purchase judiciously.

You can buy a wide range of designer artificial and wedding jewellary online from “Quality Fashion” within an affordable price range.

3. Finalize your makeup

When you are opting for professional hair and makeup, you need to finalize the artist much before. Nowadays many brides prefer to watch makeup tutorials online and choose the makeup themselves. After all who knows your face better than you.

Try to go for light but bold makeup. Avoid looking gaudy as applying too much, cakey makeup is easily evident in the photos.

Try to splurge a little. Things are stressful enough for you to be doing your own makeup. However, you can always take photos and show them as examples to your makeup artist for inspirational ideas.

4. Practice walking in heels

No bride wants to suffer from the pain of a twisted ankle on their big day. Therefore, the wisest option is to practice walking in heels beforehand. Walking down the aisle in front of a hall full of the audience requires a lot of confidence which is only achievable if you can walk comfortably in your dress after wearing those high heels. So, yes, practicing helps.

Moreover, if you plan to wear heels for the entire day of your wedding, your legs might stress out. So, you can always carry an extra pair of shoes in case of emergency.

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. By following these points, you can look easily make heads turn as a new bride while also enjoy the day with a lot of enthusiasm and merriment.

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