Wedding Bangle Rituals in 7 Different States of India

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Weddings- a holy bond between two individuals-symbolizes a miraculous journey that is glorified widely within the Hindu community. Our culture is so royal and luxurious; weddings are sanctified in fascinating ways, so much so that people refer to it as holy matrimony. Also, It is a lavish affair. Every bit of the wedding plays a significant role in our lives. No country plays as much important to wedding jewelry like India. The traditional Indian weddings are incomplete without jewellery. Jewellery is so significant that the seven states in India have seven different rituals for putting on bridal bangles. Since the original gold and diamond pieces of jewellery are very costly, nowadays a lot of brides prefer to buy artificial wedding bangles. Read on to know more about the seven rituals in seven states.

The Seven Wedding Bangle Rituals in 7 -  Different States -

Besides, Bangle rituals are as grand as weddings itself. It is one of the most important ceremonies that happen in an Indian marriage. They are the symbol of the new Dulhan. Let's have a look at the different bangle rituals in different states.

  • 1. West Bengal: The Bengali wedding bangles are also known as shakha and pola. Shakhas are coral bangles whereas polas are shell bangles. The ceremony of putting the bangles on takes place early morning on the wedding day. They dip the wedding bangles in turmeric water and then seven different married women put it on the bride's wrists.

  • 2. Gujarat: The Gujarat wedding bangles include beautifully embellished bangles of green, red and gold colors. The bride's mother gift the bangles as a sign of good luck.

  • 3. Rajasthan: The famous Rajasthani wedding bangles includes a combination of vibrant and bright colors. It represents prosperity, joy, happiness, love, life, etc.

  • 4. Kerala: In Kerala brides wear bangles made up of pure gold which symbolizes richness and royalty. They consider gold as the most auspicious metal.

  • 5. Punjab: The famous Chura ceremony has its origin in Punjab. It is a crucial Punjabi tradition, and the bride's maternal uncle and aunt gift these beautiful white and red churas. Also, there's a dedicated Chura ceremony for them.

  • 6. Maharashtra: The brides in Maharashtra wear green bangles as green, the primary and traditional colour of their wedding is green.

  • 7. Karnataka: The wedding bangles of Karnataka are very simple. They wear beautiful glass bangles with a combination of gold.

These are the wedding bangles of seven different states of India. All a bride needs to do is pair these bangles with a beautiful necklace set online. You can find all of them on the website of Quality Fashion. They have unique artificial jewellery and everything you need for a wedding.

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